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British No.85


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I thought i would show you this 85 that my mate found in an antique shop.
Is it unusual to have this type of end?
seems different than other 85`s ive seen?




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Hi Paul
It looks like Trench art , its not an inkwell is it made from a 85 ?
T&p 85

Not a trench art
Your fuse have lost it's percusion rotor striker
Your fuze lost its rotor system as well as the tail plugof the magasin black powder The nose is simply broken and little holes are to perfect the internal combustion of the train of powder
Tha base of the fuse is the 18Pr Shrapnel adapter and not a part of the fuse
We find by hundred there every year


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Fuse N85
Revolving discs time and percussion fuse.
Before joining the war in 1917, the United States of America allowed its industry to sell weapons and ammunitions to the allied countries. This fact finally led the German submarines to destroy the American ship 'Lusitania', that transported both civilians and a lot of war material. This particularly bad incident was one of the triggering facts that made Washington join its allies on the European battlefields. The time and percussion fuse n80 was therefore manufactured by the American metallurgists. Those imported series were given a new number, 'n85'. The characteristics of those two marks were very similar.

This fuze equipped the shrapnel shells:

13 pdr field guns (3 inches - 76 mm),
18 pdr field guns (3.3 inches - 84 mm),


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Great info!

Is that small pip represented by that black object near the inside top of that drawing?



Percussion delay pellet under the top of the "muchroom" broken on this model
N85 was for 13 Pdr Schr & HE AA, 3 inch Schr & HE AA, 18 Pr Schrand HE Mk I & II not Mk III, 18Pr and 3 in AZ.
On AA shell, percussion pellet is omited, 44/85 or adapter N11 where use under
Different N: 85, 85I, 85/44, 185

Hi This is a pic of a No85 in bits if its any help


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