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British No44 Fuze


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British No44 fuze
entered sevice 1913
Obsolete after several changes in 1959

feel free to add anymore info and photos
Bit more info from my list of fuzes
No44 for use with TNT filled shells 1913-1959
No44B modified no44 for use with howitzers 1915-1954
No44P as for no44 but a CP magazine 1936-1954
No44/80 A no44 modified for anti aircraft work 1914-1927
No44/83 A 4 modified for 4.5\" & 6.0\" anti aircraft 1918-1918

no doubt futrher info on use exists as this is from one document ,i will add more info as i find it
Been told that this is the fuze for my Hotchkiss 6 pdr,anyone know for definate?
ok andy this is what ive got from the armourer magazine issue 23 september/october 1997 John Carins article on 6pdr/57mm ammunition
\"a variety of nose fuzed explosive projectiles were produced and examples turn up on a regular basis.Most of them are designed to take the general sevice \"GS\" fuze.The fuze pocket is tapered and was fitted with the number 44 direct action fuze.This fuze alone was developed to 32 different marks\"
It goes on more hope this helps ...