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British percussion fuze No 100-1

The English armies began WW1 in 1914 with the percussion fuze No 100.

It was a 1914 urgency development, since that item went from design to production in 10 days! Needless to say the fuze No 100 was not optimized for production lines. That fuze as well as the derivative models were universally used by the English artillery with shells of many calibers.
The No 100 percussion fuze was used with the shells of:
18 pdr field guns (3.3 inches - 84mm)
60 pdr field funs ( 3 inches - 127mm)
4.5 inch field howitzers (4.5 inches - 114mm)
6 inch siege howitzers (6 inches - 152mm)
9.2 inch siege howitzers (9.2 inches - 234mm)
8 inch howitzers (8 inches - 203mm)
12 inch howitzers (12 inches - 305mm)
15 inch howitzers (15 inches - 381mm)


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Hello Dano, Not to change subjects, but if you're looking for WWI German fuzes...
Great War Militaria on the web has some REALLY nice ones for sale. They are not cheap but like you've mentioned, they are hard to find over here.
Take care, Randall

Thanks Randall, I do business with Great War Militaria (GWM). I have an order on the way now. You are right their stuff is not usually cheap, but some items they sell really cheap. Go figure. I have a 75mm US shrapnel projectile on the way from them now, as I already have the '07 Scoville fuze and 75mm adaptor. They do have a lot of stuff. Also have a German HZ14 and 05 German "mushroom" coming on a trade deal. Will post pics as "stuff" arrives. The outlets to get ordnance over here has dwindled somewhat in recent years, but still have a few places. Thanks..Dano
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