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BS Sales Listings


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Was just readed the Film in 30mm ADEN thread and wondered what other BS listings you've seen online or at shows?
I've seen M51A2 20mm Dummy's being sold as 40mm Bofors and I told the guy in a helpful tone. He replyed that it didn't matter, they were close enough.
37mm 'nade

There was the classic on specialist auctions, which was a 37mm shell with a grenade handle screwed into the nose, and called a rare emergency grenade. Almost pooped my pants when I saw that one....Dano
I received an interesting "assembly" once in a trade, a long time ago, before the internet. It was a deal done over the phone. The guy wanted a 2.75" rocket motor, and had a mortar shell for trade.

Some enterprising "renovationist" had taken an 81mm spotter projectile that had the front end opened up by the black powder spotting charge, and had plugged the gaping hole with the nose and copper cone from a riflle grenade, and then blended it all into one piece with body putty.
more nice stuff !

i see often some realy nice stuff in some actions last example on feller sold a 77mm german shell case with an i gues 8 pounder round and an frence fuze as an German Tank round WW1 is was so funny i dont now how he assembled this ,,Tank Round but he sold it ! gggggg

best regards David
I saw some projectiles on Trademe (NZ's Ebay. But they have a firearms section) advertised as FMJ HP. Maybe he ment jacketed HP.