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Can anyone identify this please


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I found this on The Somme a couple of weeks back. The paint is bright orange. Can it have lasted since 1916?

Your fuze is a british No85, Tand P fuze ( fuze modified Form of american 21 seconds fuze) for 18 pr QF gun ( shrapnel, ILL shell)
All's No 85 were made in USA

A detail the orange-coloured part is the adapter
au revoir
jean Paul
[FONT=&quot]Sorry Spotter had not seen your answer . In more ,the diagram comes from you
Jean paul
Thanks guys, I'm glad I joined.

So the paint is from 1916. How far should I clean it (the brass parts)? I quite like the idea of taking it to pieces.
i personally would just give that fuze a light clean in some warm soapy water and leave as it is a genuine Great War relic,,then have a look around for a nice strippable one to display next to your fuze they turn up at arms fairs and auction sites,may even be able to get one from site members here,theyre not that expensive in good condition 10-15
I suppose the orange (near florescent) paint amazes me because the images from that period are all sepia.
The shrapnel shells that this fuze was commonly used with are generelly painted black and have two red bands 1 to say its filled and the other to indicate nature of munition.the attatched pic is of a WW1 era 18pdr shrapnel round ,this is fitted with the No80 fuze on this example i have not painted the fuze adapter ring.The other drawing shows how these rounds worked


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