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Cant post to classifieds...

Just wondering why I can post on threads, and create my own threads, except in the "Classifieds" thread??

I have a ton of stuff I am selling, would be nice to be able to post it...
me neither

Hi Christof60, I can be of no help as I too have tried to post in classifieds to no avail. I know it can be done because others do it. My kids say i'm "electronically challanged"...Good luck in your endeavor...Dano
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just click on classifieds and then click on the "submit new ad" just under the "Welcome to our classifieds section" title and follow the prompts.
You need to click on the "Classifieds" word at the top of your screen NOT the one that you scroll down to lower down the web page. I've never worked out how to post on the lower one but the one at the top of the screen is as paul the grenade said.