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Costs of things


BOCN Contributor
Being new(ish) to this area, there are a couple of things that aren't clear to me. They involve costs.

First, is there a difference between here and the UK? It seems that your costs are better than here (I am not sure how I know that though) but the shipping is a killer.

Second, I saw a virtually pristine German WWI fuse (not sure about the guts). Somebody turned it into a ghastly inkwell. Turns out you have to unscrew the tip and )I guess) the space below is for the ink. Nobody used it as such so you have this fine looking fuse (no idea about the number/model) set into a ratty tin looking pen holder.

Think it is worth $125? Could probably get them down to 100 or so.

What about casings? That 90mm undented beauty cost $40. That nice painted 3 pdr was $20 I think.

Good, bad, in between?


Rejection of this as a worthy topic?:angel:
Sacrilige !

Hi Birdseye
You are right when you say there are differences between countries.
Sadly the UK is very expensive for anything, it has been getting steadily worse for a large number of years, but on the positive side of things people now get paid more so can afford to buy more, this is however only my own view and may not be mirrored by others.
Cost's of transport here have rocketed due to the oil price going up and you can guarantee that they will not pass on the savings being made now the oil price has gone down !

I fully agree that certain items are best left alone and the bomb fuze you mention is a prime example of what "NOT" to do with a historic item, but was it a historic item when it was destroyed ? maybe the person who did it had an ammo box full of them and took the view that it was not special.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
It's sort of hard to explain. The guy drilled/cut a 2.5 inch hole in a piece of tin that the fuse "screwed into" He then affixed some sort of armature with a distrissing cradle to hold a pen.

The fuse is pretty much minty ... no idea about the guts of it. In a way he might have done us all a favor hiding it in plain sight.

It is like that mortar fuse that I posted a while back: $100. Was it a good buy? Who knows.