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De-acs being banned..


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I believe its just been announced today that we can kiss goodbye to de-acs later this year.
Does that mean that we are going to be knackered as collectors too?
Im not giving up my MG`s or any of my collection for this lot,im sick of this `cant do culture` in this godforsaken country.
I cant smoke down the pub,cant sell my gear on ebay cant do this or that,and now my collection be be going up sh*tcreek.:angry:

comments please gents?

I really think though that we are trouble this time around?
Ive heard that they MIGHT think about collectors,but we are such a `small voice` that i think they will just ban everything ex-military outright.

They're talking about pre 1995 deacts at the moment.
It'll kill the trade (and I guess thats what they want) because who wants to spend a huge amount of money on something you can't sell on again or they may have to take into the cop shop and dump in a bin with no compo?
Small time collectors like you will be stuffed, museums etc will have an excemption but the small time collector, I'd doubt it.
Once they've classed pre 95 as replicas then its easy to do the same with all deacts.
Munitions next?:(
Yes,i can see munitions next.:angry:

My de-acs at the moment are both post-95,the mauser rifle cocks and dry fires as well as the MG34.

The real problem seems to be older style deativated S.M.G.'s that were reletively easy (if you had the skill amd machinery) to reactivate.
Still I doubt it will stop gun crime one jot but it was all ways on the cards when they banned replicas.
It will be interesting to see what effect this news has on the price of deacts at the fairs?
They will drop like a ton of bricks,then when the ban comes in they will skyrocket on the black market.
Gun crime will go up because all the bent dealers will be offloading to the crims.

I don't now about you guys but i have been hit twice already with these bans firstly i lost all my semi auto rifles and then all my pistols, when is it going to stop they said it would stop crime but its worse, what is this county coming to :angry: AA
The government have to be seen to be doing something,thus taking away yet another privilege.
Us small collectors are easy targets rather than all the crims on the streets :angry:

The ultimate banning of deacts (if it were to happen) could effect all militaria collectors.
If the smaller fairs were to lose 10%+ of the stall holders then these small fairs may well become unprofitable to the organisers.
If they put the table fees up then that may put off traders, if they put up entrance fees then that may put off customers, a lack of either may kill the fair.
The smaller fairs are closing as it is, this could end the small local militaria fair, and that really would be a shame.

With the semi auto rifles and pistols they knew where they were to confiscate them as they were held on FACs. But they have no way of telling whereabouts the de-acs are as they do not need any sort of registration to posess them.

I bet they will just stop places from selling them as they did with the airsoft guns. With that you could keep what you had, as they have no way of knowing where those were and people would not hand them in anyway. This ban talk makes me tempted to invest in a de-ac of some sort before they do it.

Still, I don't know who elected these fools (not me as I am too young, so I have no say over which bunch of idiots runs the place).
Could this announcement push the collectibles `underground`,so to speak?
falcon,i for one did not vote for this Brown fella.I know who i would have in charge if things were different...........
If they were to ban all deacts i'm sure it would be done the same way as with replicas, i.e. legal to own but illegal to sell.
If you cant sell them it removes them from circulation. Also means the govenment doesn't have to pay collectors compensation.
As for pre 95 deacts they may demand that they're resubmitted to the proof house to bring them up to modern standards of deactivation or they could be taken to the police station for disposal.
As for politics, this idea is supported by all parties...

The fools cannot see that there will a massive influx of these guns onto the street when some dodgy dealers decide to offload stock pronto.
unreal,i would love to know what planet these lefty tossers are on?


Im certain that dealers will not 'offload stock' into the black market.
They'll just have to take it on the chin.
At the moment they're only talking about pre 95 deacts, all of which could be resubmitted to the proof house to be legalised.
They'll lose money (as would collectors) but thats it at the moment, and thats if it happens.
I think you'll just have to wait and see what happens...

A very good reason why all us ordnance collectors should not mess with anything that is not inert.The one thing that stops me spending loads of money on ammo is simply because,in the current political climate it would not take much to ban the ownership of ordnance items overnight.Imagine your very valuable collection being seized and destroyed!Our hobby is,unlike in the USA,very obscure in this country.That is why AA and other gun owners were powerless to stop the goverment taking there legally owned guns.This kneejerk reaction has changed nothing and gun crime is prolific.I think George Orwell may have had a premonition when he wrote 1984!Tony.
When handguns were banned the owners at least got compensation.
we don't know what the Home Office has in store for deact owners.
And remember it may not happen.
I agree with tig, dont have anything in your collection thats not inert or legal, just one collction thats a bit 'naughty' could stuff it up for all of us.
Would you want your collection confiscated by the Police because you had a rifled barrel (German rifle grenade discharger springs to mind) or a live round of small arms ammo?

waffenamt wrote:
Could this announcement push the collectibles `underground`,so to speak?
falcon,i for one did not vote for this Brown fella.I know who i would have in charge if things were different...........

I don't think anyone did vote for this Brown fella, we were just told "heres who you get" when Bliar left. This place is fast sliding into a leftist dictatorship.
Righty bigots eh!!,

I like that one!:laugh:

Not at all for me Q. I have an all new agenda which will suit most.
The days of the `old school` righty is over.
it takes a new,fresh approach.
i suggest at the next elections that everyone should vote `Waff`;) :p