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Demolition Charge? German ww2


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I got this cracker of a fuze from the dutchmeister Ben as he knew i was after one and i appreciate the efforts he did to get one for me. :beer:

I believe its a ww2 german underwater demolition charge?

Nicely marked with a lovely wooden holder or transport cup?

over to you boys for perusal. :)



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Yes, I know it very well. Just look in the German grenades section, there is a guy named Miguel A.J. who has a lot of pics there..... opps, its me!!!!! :tinysmile_shy_t:

Hello Qaff. This fuze the designation ZZ.9 caution the numbers is saw easily radioactive (radon) thereby one it with darkness can. Harry
here another Marine Feder as cutaway.
I wonder if this is may be a factory cutaway or one for training purposes...
Think the wooden part is a transport cover but don't know exactly. Does someone have the Dienstvorschrift = Technical Manual for this?

Unfortunately the numbers-disk is missing but instead there is another nice gimmick:

The unit is sealed with a fn-marked aluminium seal and a hangtag with inscription as follows:

1. Plombe entfernen = 1. Remove seal
2. Zeit einstellen = 2. Set up time
3. Vorstecker abziehen = 3. Remove safety pin
4. Einstellscheibe hochziehen = 4. Pull up adjusting disk

Harry, where can I find info about the nomenclatura ZZ.9 for this item?



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ooooh!! Just caught up with this one.

Thank you Nudelmannrichter for those great pics and smashing write up. :)

I needed to bump this thread for my new pal Genkideskan. Again,if more pics are needed,then please let me know.



thats really something. Thanks a lot for sharing. These time fuze was the major
demolition device of the navy. Every ship has an etat of blasting euipement.
The charges where the.
Sprengbchse A (Blasting tin)
Sprengpatrone A and B (shaped charge) (Blasting cartridge)
Sprenggefss A, B and C ( Blasting vessel)
Magnetic charges
Sprengeimer (Blasting bucket)
Charges vary from 400 gramm to 80 Kg

Mostly introduced in imperial navy times these charges are real eyecatchers.
Made from bronce and brass.
In WW2 they where mostly tinned or made from seamless pipes with welded in bottom.
There are several ignition systems-
Safety fuse with igniter
Electrical igniters
Time fuze

These items are part of an blastimg system and charges could be linked together
using different ignition systems ect. F.e. the small Sprengbchse was used as a gaine or booster for the large charges.


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The first Sprengpatrone was the M/89 (1889) and the improved one was
introduced in 1903 ( M/ 03) I have the imperial manual printed in 1909 and
add some pics of the Sprengpatrone M/ 03 and the safety fuse igniter.

I forget to mentioned about the name of the ZZ. 9 - that means the max runtime was 9 minutes in 1 minute steps. The ZZ. 55 was exactly the same fuze, but uses a runtime of 55 minutes in 5 minute steps.


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