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Do we have any japanese members?

paul the grenade

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Hi All.
If any of our members are japanese i have a block of text in english that i would like translating into japanese.
It is the text that goes on the label on the Type 99 grenade.
Hope someone can help.:tinysmile_shy_t:
Cheers, Paul.
I know this is late, but I work with several Japanese colleagues, they assist me with small translations requests quite frequently. If you are still looking send me an e-mail with a scan of teh test and I will ask. JO
Japanese Mines

These are a couple of mines dug up in Penang that were used by the Japanese, but are both German the smaller of the two is a submarine net mine and when the filling plate was unscrewed inside was a packing note written in both German & Japanese, the explosive fill was 88 powdered? nasty to remove in hot dry conditions.
Any more in fo most welcome
REgards John


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    Mines used by Japanes,.JPG
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