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Dont Dig your garden in Pinner



What was found in fuzemans garden ?
Hi All whilst digging my garden sometime ago i came across these items
Is that you in the picture fuzeman and is that a soft focus filter used on the picture.
I wish I could find stuff like that in my garden already inerted .
Hi Yep its me and the soft focus wasnt intentional it was the camera lense got fogged up .
I thought the butterfly bomb in the hedge was possibly the best shot it just shows how those things really were missed in hedges and trees , until years after.
Fuzeman your a bad man,,i saw the pic of the butterfly bomb in the hedge and was like for f sake whats he playing at rooting about for those nastys,then read the rest of your posts you nealy gave me heart attack :laugh:
Hi that butterfly bomb was dangerous ONLY if dropped on your foot.all the items in the collection are without exception are FFE (freee from Explosives ) or other hazardous material.
No I meant would it be dangerous still if found in a hedge after all this time out in the elements ,I would personally treat all unknown ordnance as dangerous but was thinking hypothetically.
Cheers DAZ
Good question Daz,i would have thought they are still dangerous after all these years.
I saw a picture of one in another forum found in woodlands.The wings had rotted just leaving the arming rod(of which im in need of!)and the body with fuze still in.


Hi All
All ordnance no matter what age is to be considered safe in fact it can be even more dangerous than when first dropped.
I believe the last casualty from one of these butterfly bombs was in the 1950, s i believe .
Its interesting to note that after the television series Danger UXB a lot of butterfly bombs were reported to the police by members of the public , who had these things for years , without thinking they were dangerous.
If the army were called to a house with one of these , they could if the circumstances right "blow them up where they were" i know of no instance where this happened , but just goes to show how dangerous these things were ?still are
At beltring a few years ago SD2 butterfly bombs were being sold openly as being training bombs that were dropped in a field , these were dug up and sold , the five i aquired from someone who got cold feet about them were found to be training rounds filled with Pitch but still had a live gaine fitted to the badly corroded fuzes , filled with smoke composition they could have caused nasty burns if ignited .
they were safely defuzed and are now in various collections and museums .