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Dopp Z/c 91 WWI German fuze

This is a double effect fuze, with percussion system contained in the tail, with a single rotating disc time system, graduated from 3 to 44 seconds. Has cross for pure percussion function engraved on the upper mobile cone. Made of all brass and used a safety pin to block the time system concutor. Arming system was based on movements of a tube sheltering the starter-bearer, blocked by a powder grain ignited by the concutor at shooting time, therefore without any stem, unlike most German fuzes. I just love the battle damage on this one, would definately call it a "leaner" and I think it lends a bit of class to this particular fuze..Dano

Mostly used on projectiles of the 90mm gun (explosive and shrapnel)


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Nice fuze Dano

Nice Fuze Dano another 6 weeks than you will get the grenade for it :tinysmile_shy_t:

with best regards David
Wow Dave, that is good news. It make take me a bit to repay you as I have had a small run of tough luck, but rest assured my friend I will make it up. Would you do me a tremendous favour and email me some pics of your fine collection, as the WW1 German stuff absolutely makes me "sport wood". All the best....Dano
P.S. that Dopp Z/c 91 is the one I ordered from LATVIA via Specialist Auctions, and it took 8 days from when I paid for the piece for it to show up on my door step. Needless to say I was blown away. Also you were restoring a big 15cm shell, and how is that one coming along? Dano
Dear Dano

yes finaly what i can say my restoring projekts are all stuck because of time issues i have so many stock at home but no time to restore it i gues i will send more in future to you than you can spend every evening in you shopfloor and restore it :tinysmile_fatgrin_t(because of your realy good restoring jobs here in the forum ) my collection is growing quite fast my next projekt is an englisch infantery man WW1 with all accesories rifel the uniform is ready only some items are still not found maybe the english SBR Gasmask ( small box respirator ) quite hard to find one over here and when very expensive !!

all the best to you my friend

wbr David
Here is the shell for it ;) :tinysmile_shy_t:

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something old, something new

Hi Der Feldgraue, I really like the way you use your shells. I like the new paint over the old surface with no filler. That is so cool to me. Respect...Dano
Thanks dano. I don't like to have japanese filler stuff on WW1 shells, thats it. ;) And I can still remove the paint without damaging an historical relic. I will post some more items soon :tinysmile_shy_t:
I also have a restored one in mij collection
the other one is also restored
and very nicely done .....


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The obsolete 9cm German gun was used during WW1. Strangely, it seems this gun is the origin of the numerous French Soldiers memories stating that 88cm Austrian Guns were 'superquick' and very dangerous. Indeed, it is most probably 9cm old guns used close to the first line, firing from so close that the departure sound was not heared before the arrival

Best regards