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Dopp.Z C/92.99


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Now, I'm working about Dopp.Z.92 german fuses.

I found documentation for a lot of versions (Dopp.Z. C/92 and Dopp.Z 92, Dopp.Z. 92 f.10cm K, Dopp.Z. 92 K.15, Dopp.Z. 92 F.H and Dopp.Z C/92 F.H., Dopp.Z. 92 Lg.Brlg., Dopp.Z. 92. Lg. Brlg. o. Az, Dopp.Z. 92 o. Vorst, etc...)

But, I found this picture I took few years ago near "Chemin des dames" (french war trench battelfield) and I have no informations about its marking : Dopp.Z C/92.99

It's probally between the Dopp.Z C/92 and Dopp.Z 92, but I can't guess more infos.

May you help me ?


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Yes I' ve also see this fuze, i don't remember where but I think it 's for Russian or Austrian shell 10 cm
Dopp Z C/92.99

Hi Pascal, nice fuze. From what I have been told the Dopp Z C/92.99 is for captured Russian shells. The Dopp Z92 variations would make a nice sub-collection as there are a s__t load of them....Dano
And, do you know what's the difference with a common Dopp.Z c/92 fuze ?

New pictures, Dopp.Z. C/92.99, the delay is 26 seconds.

Has someone found a doc about it ?


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I would like to see the driving band and base of the shell
i think it could be a good help
Hi doctor

Here you are. Unfortunatly, I don't have the base of the shell, but I can ask for it if you want.


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Ok Pascal your shell is the same i've
The driving band is very high from the tail
It's not a 10,5 cm but a 10,4 cm
My shell have a Dopp Z.92.( something after) perhaps 99? no sure but sure for the point after 92
Graduated plate 28.
SP 16
I keep my first idea that it's for a russian gun and not austrian