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DOPP.Z. S/43 Sp


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Hello gentlemen...

I'm looking for any informations about this german fuze.


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there is a long time now that i'have not see these fuze
No surprise to see it because i know where they come from.......
This fuze is used on 150 mm (yes because for french use) DZ French Marine
Same german shell 15 cm Spr Gr L3.6 DZ with Dopp Z S 43
Hello Pascal & Doctor

perhaps for an anti-aircraft use ?? with naval guns .

here an other 43 fuze.


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Dopp.Z.S/43 and Dopp.Z.S/43 Sp, the shape is different, and perharps usage is different ?

Really, I don't know because I don't have any doc on the "Sp" model, just the useful informations from Doctor


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Sp is for "Spitz"
This fuze is not O.A.Z.
The german 15 cm shells used by french Navy are not used for D.C.A
Dopp Z S 43

From the Notes on German Fuzes (Second addition) Jan 1918
it lists the Dopp Z S 43 but without the Sp the time mechanism is the same 43 seconds, but the shape is different.


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