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drinking and driving

I felt the need to post something here, because something terrible happened to the best friend of one of my sons. He was driving under the influence at 3:00am, crossed the center lane and hit an oncoming car head on. My son was in the car but not driving. The lady driving the other car was killed. Everybody in the car my son was in got hurt, but Trevor was not hurt bad. I just felt the need to post something about it, because I sometimes drive drunk coming home from friends house, tavern etc...but I won't anymore. My sons friend John is to be charged with reckless homicide with other charges pending. Worst of all he has to wake up every morning the rest of his life knowing he killed someone. How does one live with that? I'm not going to quit drinking, but I am going to quit drinking exessively and driving. It was my son's car and he gave the keys to John because Trevor thought he was too loaded to drive. These kids are 21 - 23 years old, and I have talked it over with Trevor and he is really upset, especially with the ladies lost life. Just don't know what else to say. Adios...Dano
The whole thing is too damn bad. At least your boy and his friends are alive. Designated drivers or taxi cabs, or don't drink.

Sorry to hear about it Dano. Good luck and best wishes to you and yours.


Thank you so much John, yes definately a tragedy. My son is pretty messed up over this and I can't even fathom what John is feeling. Again thanks for the words..Dano
I don't want to seem callous and its not meant to be Dano.... But I hope your son feels this way for the rest of his life....

This way he will think twice before he drinks and drives or lets friends drive drunk.....

Its sad that someone has to lose a life before this message "hits home"

driving drunk

I feel the same way, and believe me when I say he is doing some real soul searching about now, Not callous at all just reality. Thanks..Dano
The "best" sentence I ever saw in such a case was in the USA:
A man killing another man while driving drunk was forced by the judge to write a one dollar handwritten cheque to the lawyer of the victim every first of the month for the rest of his life.
As the judge said: to remember you each and every month again for your wrongdoing for the rest of your life.
A harsh but just sentence.