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E.C.R.A.Metting in Landhorst!!!!


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Hello to all! Wanted times to ask who to E.C.R.A. the Metting for Landhorst to Holland comes. Greeting Harry
I hope to back in country in time to make it, I've told Joop I would help out if I can. JO
I will be there friday and saterday, also there is on sunday the militaria show in Arlon Belgium, and for the members that want to see my collection at LIBERTY PARK Overloon, its only 15 min. from LANDHORST, if you come earlier i will be at the museum. Ben
I also have more good news, if you go to the museum and you show your ECRA pass, you will get 50% discount to get in you don't have to pay 12,- euro but only 6 euro. Ben
hopefully me too (don't forget your BOCN-shirts for better identification).

I do not have a shirt, but in case someone can bring me one : XXL. But we can make an appointment at 11.00 AM sharp on friday in the canteen. You just shout "Who's BOCN" and you'll get a reply.