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EBAY does it again


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Well good old ebay has banned all ordnance now from being sold on their site and have frozen all the sellers sites who sold ordnance without any warning from last night, Mike Saffery (seigfried) is selling all his ordnance on specialistauctions from now on as are alot of other dealers .
Ooh dear,
does this include the `casual` seller such as myself??

i had better go check........:angry:

Dont know if you guys know but there is an international `ebay strike` being planned from 18th to 25th of Feb.
Its being organized by fed-up sellers worldwide.
If you go on `youtube` and put in a few keywords such as `ebay strike` then you can view at your leisure.


Heres the link

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23TomS5--nQ"]YouTube- Feb 18-25th 2008: Worldwide Ebay Strike[/ame]

I must admit, I've been totally disappointed with eBay recently for obvious reasons to forum members here.

Personally, I'd love eBay to succeed as the idea and worldwide audience is tremendous....but sadly, like many modern organizations, the shareholders and directors put their pocket above that of the community, preferring instead to bleed dry their users for their own gain. I personally have worked in the US fairly closely to CEO's and have been so disappointed by their greed driven decision making.

On conclusion, I believe it is important to send a message to organizations like this, and therefore I whole-heartedly support the strike on 18th - 25th February

As soon as viable alternatives, like specialistacutions gain a little more momentum. I will be deleting my eBay account. Similarly I'd say the same for PayPal

btw, Are you aware you're paying 10 - 20% of your profit to eBay when you sell items valued less than 200 ?????