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Ebay Gestapo.


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:xd:Just got a fuze listing thrown of ebay after 7 of the 10 listing days.
What w*nkers!
After the reply i gave them,i fully expect to be thrown off too!

I've told them -

To F--- Off so many times I can't count them, they just don't care -
the ebay organization is as evil as the thugs who run Burma or China.
Ebay policies

There appears to be no logic with ebay nowadays , to take off a fuze listing , yet they will allow Anti personnel mines still to be listed, which for those interested are banned from ownership in the UK including parts thereof ,
best wishes
The auctions are only ended if somebody reports them to ebay, ebay staff dont surf the auctions themselves, they let the public do it for them.

Its nothing personal (i'd hope) but you can't beat the system.

I wish i could find out who reported it!...:viking:

T*ssers!,They were probably jealous or something?

Some time if you list the item with certain words such as gun, bomb, mine, Nazi, SS or such related words ebays has a word search that picks out such listings, so if you name the above like bun for gun or min for mine etc you will find that these item go on being listed.
That still not going to stop you being reported Waff, the last ordnance item I attempted to sell was a wooden 6 PR 7 CWT drill round.

I posted pictures and quoted the handbook to make sure there could be no mistake that it was inert and prove it was never live.

It still got pulled!

Like the Gestapo they get the public to do there dirty work, informers are alive and well in 2008!

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