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Ebay Snipers...Calling you..


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Are you an ebay 'sniper' ???

well,i might as well post this as im in the right mood..

Its goodbye from me on my ebay account as ive just been snipered yet again on a small insignificant item i was looking at...
You win,i hope you are goddamned happy you arschlott.


Hi, Paul

receive my deep expression of sympathy for this sad occasion.
if such happens to me, i always wish the sniper should choke to death on that item.
by the way; i know a lot of rude words for the lower end of the backbone, but 'arschlott' is a really new one! :tinysmile_shy_t:

G'day Waff I can feel your pain, just calm down and relax, breathe in some fresh air, feel the calmness flowing back into your body yes thats it slow your heart rate right down focus on a happy moment in your life could be the first time you meet your wife or when your favorite football team won the flag or the first time you ever held a minty M24 stick grenade You should be it that warm fuzzy place now where nothing matters and everybodys happy especially that Bastard who beat you with that last second bid :xd:
I cant think of anything more frustrating

I call them ankles.... thats three feet lower than a ....( Anglo Saxon expletive beginning with a "C" :tinysmile_twink_t2: )
If you really really want the item you just have to bid high , the same thing happens on e-gun.
I want to give my two cents here:
I always bid on the begining and on the end of the item that I want. Sometimes only at the end. Sometimes if I see a friend bidding on the same item and he did it before than me then I dont bid. This last is done only because I want, anybody is free for bid on they want. 80% people bids on the lasts seconds, Waff dont claim more and just do the same. The only way for catch a sniper is to be a better sniper. Take your best offer for the item and bid, thats all.

I say make the punishment fit the crime. Tear off his head, crap in his neck, then sew it back on. Dano
I use a bidding programme because-

I bid once and as high as I can -

I can't always be there when the auction ends -

It doesn't matter how a bid is placed or when the highest bid wins - Period

It is pretty simple if you loose an auction and are annoyed that you lost then you didn't bid high enough -

if your computer is unreliable or you have power issues, it is a great back up. To bad this is not available on Gunbugger or SA.

If another buyer is going to go on a suicide bidding mission regardless of the true value of the item there isn't much any one can do except bid more.

It's not how you bid it's how much - the $ rules in this or any other "blood sport":tinysmile_cry_t2:

I have lost more than I have won, if I was loaded that wouldn't happen so often, but I'm not so I get crushed like a worm no matter how I bid.

I know exactly what you're saying, put in your highest bid that you are comfortable with and let it ride. Well the rub is when some butt munch comes in and scoops it up for 50 cents more than my high bid. Absolutely P____s me off!. The only way I go now is snatch it up and that puts an end to all that treachery once and for all. Here in the US it's kind of ironic as if we win a piece from Britain then the shipping costs more than the piece! And if we do find something in the US then the price is usually out of sight. Tricky business this ordnance collecting, but i'll not quit because I LOVE it. Putting up with all this B___ S___ hardly seems worth it but in the end when i'm fondling a newly arrived piece of ordnance in the trench somehow all the crap that I had to endure to get it seems to melt away, then it's on to the "next one"! Crazy...Dano
My 10 cents worth.

This is the sort of debate that could go on for years. There are arguments for and against and other than ebay changing there bidding system people will always use what suits them or what they are comfortable with.

So not to get shot down in flames just for the record, I haven't bid on ebay for months. Come to think of it there hasn't been anything to bid for.

Back to my point. I have been caught out both ways.

For example with an early bid you can get an under bidder who just keeps adding, increasing the price. So if you have placed an above value price to be safe you may have just played into the hands of a shill bidder.

The end of auction bid can be the safer option. Unfortunately for Waff it cost him the item. In the past I have seen many items double in price in the last 10 seconds. This isn't always down to sniping it can just be serious bidders not wanting to show their hand too early.

The fact of life with an auction is some you win some you don't and when 2 people really want something then it is going to cost.

Crikey lads!
I was just venting off and didnt realise that i would get any replies not least these fine,funny ones!:xd:

yeah,im chilled again.
i just hope the the git drops it on his foot.....:xd:

best regards

Happened to me too last week Waff. Guy then relisted same item[shill bidding i think] and this week i got it for 99p, a tenner less than my original bid. Just hope he posts it.

Nothing can save you from this nonsense

Sellers description;

37mm HE m56 fuze P-39 air cobra round date stamped 1941

-- Not stated are the markings on the projectile or fuze.

Noteworthy on the images
- good looking yellow HE paint
- remannants of Blue paint below the band

I ask seller what are markings on the band
-- answer M55A1 - I reply and tell him what it really is, but there is no change to the description~
So now I know we are looking at a practice projectile originally blue with
what must be more recent yellow paint, the M56 fuze (undated) is correct,
but would have been painted Blue or Bright Orange as a Dummy and stenciled as such. The paint often comes off as it doesn't stick well especially if polished off to look like the Real HE issue fuse, but those are fully dated and marked. (there are phyisical differences between the M55A1 & M54 projectile bodies)

Value - something around $75 as the fuse is useful as a make do for a real M54 HE projectile if you can't find the non practice version.

What does it sell for - $150 ! You just can't beat the uniformed who don't do their research ~ Somebody will be disapointed someday when they go to sell it.

(I posted this in a rush, I regret any silly spelling mistakes, spell check does not work on this computer ?)


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I do not eBay anymore either as a seller or buyer. As a seller the eBay/Paypal fees are way too much, eBay has become too greedy. As a buyer I would rather go to a show and see the item first hand. I wish more people would see this then eBay would be out of business but I know this will not happen. Anyway that is my two cents. Mike.
It is good to be back at the shows though especially when you find that item thats been sought after for ages. Ebay shot itself in the foot by banning ord and fuzes etc and im still laughing at them.:xd:

Granted,lately ive managed to find a few books and good literature but deffo no good ord for along time.Good job really as i was about to pull the plug on my account.


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snipe that arm

I'd like to take an ebay sniper and break off his arm and beat him with it. Then it's time to get nasty..your friend, Dano

it is horses for courses though isnt it. If some of you are lucky to be near to[ime only 10 mile from Beltring] a show or arms fair or can travel to one, all well and good. most of us though either are not close or circumstances prohibit going[ime a carer and find it very difficult go to shows] then either eBay or Specialist Auctions fill a very big gap.
Dont forget, even with the fees, you can sometimes find bargains or very scarce items on either auction house, sometimes even misslisted in the wrong category and bought for a real bargain. Ime sure we have all done that. Buyers for most goods have to pay tax on their purchases in most countries[vat here] and thats not a problem. You may moan about it but ile bet you dont pay it on any purchase at a fair! So why keep moaning about ebay or paypal fees, as a buyer you dont pay any! Any seller worth his salt will consider this before making a sale, i do and still make a profit.

Food for thought.

Fair enough Andy,i deffo buy more at fairs nowadays.
My original rant was about this 'sniper' thing on ebay.I wont do it as i like the good old fashioned last seconds duel!


I agree with you on that Waff,

snipers really annoy me too, i havent got a programme that allows me to do the same as i consider it unfair and takes a lot of the fun out of bidding but its there and we just have to live with it.
My earlier comments were not aimed at your initial post but some of the comments about ebay. Yes, ebay has really pissed me off re banning grens etc but they have relaxed the rules a bit and yes they have put up their fees a lot recently but it is the biggest market in the world and the right item will always[well, nearly] get the right price and most of us would have poorer collections without it.