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Eyeball Eyeball !!!


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As a "newbie"working my way through all previous posts in every forum
(this may take quite some time!!!)I can't help but notice there are a number of members in my part of the country,including at least one in my own home town.

My lack of transportation these days may make me fairly conspicuous
so if any of you see a portly old chap at the nearest bus stop to a carboot
sale/antique street market or whatever,clutching a complete WW2 German
tank round that he's just bought for 20 (in my dreams!!!)

Say hello,it might just be me,and,just in case,No,you can't have it!!!

I would,hopefully,be most recognisable by the gleeful expression on my face,and the large quantity of ordnance related items about my person.

Anyway,I'm a long way from New England!!!
Lowestoft is my town of birth, you should vist the museums in the Sparrows nest park Chris as there are some nice bits of Ordnance in both.