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FAO of our none UK members


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Fellas across the water..,
please listen very carefully.
When i send you instructions to put on the label of a box,please adhere to them.

For example,i just did a deal with one of our members and i ended up with a 69 import duty because i wasn`t listened too.
Over here we end up getting stung if you put more than $70 on the parcel sending form.
i traded a fuze for a couple of nice fuzes,instructed the seller not to put `gift` or over said amount on the label at MY risk if lost.
I get the damned thing and it had $500 as worth!! :angry: The damned fuzes weren`t worth that together.Next time LISTEN to me FFS.
I dont have the funds to keep splashing out because of other peoples mistakes.
im done

Just confirming what you've already said....when I was living in the US and sending stuff home to UK, I'd always say that the value of the item(s) on the custom certificate was small....i.e.$1-$10, but still had to be believable. ...then make sure the item was insured in transit for $1000 or whatever its worth.

The reason being, the UK customs will charge the recipient IMPORT TAX based on the quoted value on the customs certificates, and not the insured value, as they cannot see that.

This is legal, since the item is NOT new, and no Import tax should be applied, but, clearly customs aren't going to worry to much above over taxing.

Obviously, the above is true assuming the item is not described as ordnance, as I'm sure that will open a much larger kettle of fish.