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Foyles War



On ITV 1 tomorrow afternoon at 3pm there is another chance to see some of my collection shown on Foyles War .there is a mistake see if you can spot it?
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Hi Steve
So here's my guesses...(cheated a bit..have all the seasons on DVD)
When they are defuzing the first bomb... It's seems strange procedure to get the hammer and chisel out and start whacking away on the retaining ring...and then after that, get the Crabtree installed.

Second problem... that fuze sure looks like a 25 ...not a 28...and when did Impact become Anti-disturbance??????

Picky problems... Hermann fins wrong... no way it would have landed straight down....and I'm sure it would have penetrated a good 20 feet.

Liked the MGTB....funny how In Danger UXB, Ash drove one too!
Didn't see your name in the credits on this one...dummies left it off.

Foyle's War is such a wonderful show.. makes me mad they cancelled it...
Here in the U.S., it was hidden away on Masterpiece theatre...So not many people knew about it. American TV is 95% absolute crap.

Im looking forward to this episode if im still off work!
I haven`t got sky plus yet.

Oh Bugger!,I just checked the listing on ITV4 for today and we have The Saint on??,Steve are you sure its ITV4?


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Hi Steve,I`ve tracked the prog to ITV3..
Still stuffed here but thanks for asking.

I wonder if different counties have different progs on their channels?
Its def ITV1 up here.


Hi Paul just rechecked it sorry ITV1 ithought it was on free view .
pleased you are feeling slightly better , weather warmer today up 1 degree
:bigsmile: No worries matey.

Have booked the prog,all the snow has gone and i just need to blag the day off now...


Just watched the de-fuzing of that bomb.

Surely they would have put on the crabtree discharger before whacking the locking rings like stabwache reckons?


Normally the crabtree would be put on the fuze first , but as having the locking ring on , could impede fitting the discharger then if the fuze was not being disturbed and did not rise !which was thought an anti handling device were fitted , then it would be acceptable to do this procedure this way.
The scrpt had allready been written regarding the 28 fuze being an anti disturbance type , my notes did state that on the 1,000KG Hermann it was highly unlikely that a anti handling device would have been fitted .