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French fuze


Hi could anyone give me any information on this fuze please. I know that its french but thats about it.
The pic isnt too good, but it reads, 24/31 - R.Y.G MLE 1918 I , on the upper portion
and on the part that screws into the round E.C.P 8 39
The second pic is the mortar round that it came with which is an 81mm.


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It is a fuze mainly used on mortar projectis. This is the only mortar system and ordnance the dutch army before the second world war we bought and copied from the French. Attached is a Dutch copy of this fuze then No 31, it is excactly the same as the 24/1 RYG.


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Ryg 18

Your mortar is the french 81mm FA Mle 1936 RF (typical vanes) only for fortification Maginot Line, Mortar bunker
RYG 18 can be use for artillery shell (your fuze with male container dtonator)
there are two type: Male or female container detonator
German manufacture fuze RYG18 type is in steel body