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fuse and shell case

Here's 2 items that came in todays post. A German WW1 Dopp Z96 n/A fuze (used on 77mm FK96 n/A and FK16 field guns), and a 105mm howitzer casing form Dusseldorf and dated 1915. Dano


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Hi Dano, glad to see you are restocking the trench after the tax man came a calling.
Best Weasel.
German 10.5cm howitzer

I found this picture of the WW1 German 10.5cm howitzer (made by Krupp) barrel length 20 calibres, shell weight 35.34lbs, maximum range 9,733 yards, elevation -4 degrees to +43 degrees, muzzle velocity 1,410 feet-per-second


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S.10cm K18 Field Howitzer German

no photos yet, but I got a shell case yesterday with; P131, s. 10 cm K. 18 - 1937
I know that P131 = Deutsche Waffen-u. Munitionsfabriken A.G., Werk Berlin-Borsigwalde it has a ash tray replacing the projectile!?!?! Plus: WaA 1943 eagle stamp!