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Fuze discharger



Or correctly called the BD Discharger
This functioned by the introduction of specific liquid (benzine and salt mix ) to breakdown the charge in the condensors (capacitors) this was acheived by pressurising the liquid in the container and then releasing it so that the charging plungers were bypassed without depressing them.

Equipment down at Brenzett aeronautical museum

Steve Custodian of Bomb disposal Equipment Brenzett


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    fuze discharger.JPG
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This is the second version off the BD discharger.The first one is named "Liquid Fuze Discharger Design No1 Brass" .It whas used to discharge German Rheinmetall fuzes of the 50 and El Z 50 anti-handling type and the direct acting short delay types.It whas forbidden to use it on 17 type fuzes.However it whas also used for No 35,38,55,15,25 and 28 fuzes.
It took about 25 minutes to discharge the fuzes after the liquid whas used.
The amount off liquid whas different for the fuzes.N15 took about 5cc of liquid.N35,38,50 and 55 ABOUT 10cc.N25 and 28 about 20cc.
Thanks for posting this picture Steve!It's been a longtime since i seen this device again.Whe have trown them al away!
Hi Vince
Thanks for all the information We too had thrown them all away this was used for training purposes.