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Fuze ID Please


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Can someone identify this fuze for Tigbrand please,and also if possible what was it used with..thank you
Its, a German fuze WW1 HZ 05 Gr Ib (fuze for howitzer shell 1905)
She was used with
Howitzer HE shell (H.Gr.15)
Lengthened HE shell (L.F.H. Gr 15 m. Gr)
Lengthened gas shell, blue cross (L .F.K .Gr. blaukreuz)
Au revoir
Jean Paul

Thanks Jean Paul,None of the numbers on the fuse were readable,so thank you very much,Tony.:)
Just a question which are the fuzes to the left, I do not recognize them, we would say N101 or N102 without cap .
Jean Paul
Yes Jean Paul you are correct,both 101 MK2 without caps,Had about 20,plus no 80s all from a shipwreck in the UK. These are the last 2 i have left.Best wishes Tony.