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Fuze on UK 40mm Bofors


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I have a 1952 dated British 40mm Bofors HE round. The nose fuze is made from aluminium with a dull grey finish.

It is marked "255.I.COL.4J N"

What is the correct nomrnclature of this fuze?

Please could someone post a cutaway diagram.

I know it is inert as it is fully strippable, but I am unsure if all the parts are there or what is the correct way it should be assembled.
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250/251 Fuzes

Hi Falcon, sadly I did not have a fully complete 251 Fuze but hope that the photographs attached will give you an idea of the internal components.
From the top section there is a plastic/wood striker missing.
Middle section has a 2 piece brass "shutter" hidden inside and was not removeable on this particular fuze.

The rarer 250 Fuze is made of Brass and is fitted to a "Fuze adaptor" that has a standard 40/60 251 Fuze thread.

In photograph 3 the Fuze nose cone still has its original "Anodised" finish and the other two sections of fuze are bright alloy having been "borrowed" from the production line and not been Anodised.

Should add that these Fuzes are 1940 to 1945 dated.


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Hi,what type of fuse would have been in these rounds,it says 259. What type fuse is a 259?..Thanks.


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Thanks for the photos. Mine actually says "255" and not "P55" as I first thought. I edited the original post to change that.

Can anyone post a cutaway diagram of a No. 255 Fuze?
Hi Falcon,
I can add this picture of a sectioned fuze that appears to be the same as the picture posted by Spotter, picked up years ago. There is no model number on it dated 51. Hope it is of some help.
Best Weasel.


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