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Fz 60 fuze


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Here is the newest addition to my collection.


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Eye popper

Hello whsammler, Brother that is one hell of a nice looking fuze. Condition and eye appeal 100% awesomeoso. She's a beaut! What an eye popper. Well done. And the German proof, get out of town!!!! Definately a centrepiece... Respectfully Dano
Hi Glen
Very nice fuze in very good condition , its an interesting clockwork fuze for equipment container opening , it uses a clock very similar to the (17) but runs for a maximum of 60 seconds ,after which the flash pellet fires and releases a knife , which cuts the parachute release cable.
Hello Steve,
don't know if I understud you correct, but the FZ 60 is for cutting the parachute cabels after the drop container landet to prevent the chute dragging the container over the ground from the wind.
At the drop, the chute was released by a static line that was hocked to the aircraft.
Thanks guys,

I was very happy to add this to my ever growing collection.

If anyone has a nice German chemical buck ignitor or a decent German Butterfly bomb they want to shift please let me know.