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This man, dressed to the nines, walks into a bar. He walks in with 3 beautiful ladies (10's) also dressed to the nines, and orders a martini. The barkeep sets his drink on the bar and the man gives him a 100 dollar bill and says keep the change. Right about then a foot tall man climbs out of his right suit pocket, walks down his arm, knocks over his martini and returns to the suit pocket. The man tells the bartender that he needs another drink. The bartender sets the drink on the bar, and the guy gives him another 100 dollar bill and tells him again to keep the change. Just then the foot tall guy jumps out of the mans suit pocket, climbs down his arm, knocks over his new drink and returns to the pocket. The bartender says hey Mac, what's the story here? The man replies that in the morning he was on the beach and finds an Aladin's lamp, rubbed it and a smokin' genie appears and grants him three wishes. The bartender tells him "bull shit" I heard all them genie stories. The man says no, it is true. He added that first he wanted beautiful ladies and poof there they were, he added that for his second wish that he would be rich and says, damn, everytime I reach in my pocket there's a wad of 100 dollar bills. The bartender asks - what was your third wish? The man replied "A 12 inch prick".
Genie II

A guy show at a talent agency with a cardboard box. The talent agent calls him in and asks what he can do. He opens box and there is a little guy about a foot tall playing Beethoven on a tiny grand piano. The agent says "That's cool. Where'd you get him?"
"From a genie" the man repiles.
"This was your wish?" asks the agent.
"Not exactly" the man replies. "The genie was a bit hard of hearing and I ended up with a twelve inch pianist."