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German fuse setter 1WK.


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From my collection! German manual fuse setter from that 1 WK. for 10 cm cannons for the Dopp.Z.92 n.F.


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I have been searching for one of these for about 5 years. Would you happen to know where I can find one for my collection?
Disregarding the setter tool, I was wondering the rarity of the Dopp Z92 n.F. vs the flat sided 92 counterpart. I don.t see many n.F.'s or maybe I am hissing up the proverbial rope...Dano
A similar fuze setter including original leather pouche went for $ 150.- not that long ago on a US auction site. Missed out on that deal in a matter of seconds :cry:
Dopp Z 92 n.F.

Here is a bit different Dopp Z92 n.F. with the stamp higher on the body......Dano


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