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German Fuze D. Z 98 Sp ???


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Hello i should know in wich kind of shell this Fuze was used ???

Doppel .Znder 98 Sp


Regards David

Pic of the fuze !!!


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Dopp Z98

Hi Dave, They don't even show this one on the web-site I regularly use for identifying fuses. It is a really cool fuse. I'm really getting into the WW1 German artillery fuses and would like to know about this one also. Dano
Yes i hope anyone can help !!

yes i found only things about the fuze but not in wich kind of shell this fuze was used !!

I hope anyone can help us !!

Regards David
Thanks a lot Richard

Thanks u very much maybe you can post some discribtion or drawing of this fuze ???

Regards David