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german ww2 small gaine pots.


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Hi chaps,
some more bits out of the goodie box!
Ive done well lately sourcing these,now all my fuze collection has one on at last!
Hi spotter,

I assume they will be the the factory/manufacturer of the case or maybe even the gaines as they aren`t marked up.I shall have a gander though the code files.

Do these fit the AZ49 Fuse fitted to 2cm FlaK rounds? If so, so you have any spares.

BTW the pots are left hand threaded to prevent them from unscrewing themselves due to the rotation of the projectile in flight.
B) Ah!,i see now with the left-handed thread.

as for the pots,
let me see what i have left when im done sorting my collection first,im sure i will sort something out for you.;)