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German WWI fuzes to this point

Here is a piccy of my WW1 German fuzes that I have managed to collect at this point. Of course always looking to add to collection through trade etc...Dano


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Dear Dano

Dear Dano raly nice your fuzes i hope your fuze collection will grow more and more !!

Here are my fuze collection as of now some are left i hope i can add also some in future !!

best regards David


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ive got a 13 amp,5 amp and a 12 amp fuse

sorry couldnt help it:xd:
Good morning Dano,
Is the fuze at the right in your picture a German HZ 140? If so, could you tell me anything about it?
I'm waiting for the postman as I've bought one and expect it today. I suppose 'waiting for the post' is part of the excitement of collecting!

Good morning navyman, well at least it is morning here. Yes that is an HZ14 German WW1 fuze. It is characteristicly heavy as it is large mass and solid brass. Classic German WW1 percussion fuze with arming by the combustion of a compacted powder grain ignited by a concutor, blocking a stem in contact with inertia block.
Used on explosive and gas shells:
90mm K73/88 guns
100mm K97, Ko4, K14 guns
120mm sK 12cm heavy guns
150mm IFH 98/09 light howitzer
150mm IFH 16 light howitzer
IFH Kp Krupp light howirzer
and a few assorted others;
The HZ14 is not an uncommon fuze, but on the other hand is anything easy to get anymore? Not over here!
I added my latest pic of my German WW1 fuzes. Best...Dano


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I stand corrected

Yes Der Feldgreau, It is the German 10.5cm howitzer, got myself in a hurry and got it a bit transposed....Dano
i love fuzes,but most i have seen are relics or the threads are crabby

your fuzes look great! whay about finding the projectiles for em??:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

yes my buddy sure !

Hi Dave, that sounds great. I will get you back...Dano

yes it will come with the projektile for it the Feldschrapnell 91 !:tinysmile_shy_t:

wbr David

like showing in the pic left hand side an third from left hand side !


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Wow Dave

I have never had a complete WW1 German artillery shell in my life. Oh man I cannot wait. Thanks pal...Dano
H.Z.14 (Haubitzznder14)is only on the 10,5 cm Mod "H.Gr.15" (Haubitze Granate, long 34,6 cm), "Ig.F.H.Gr." (Infanterie Geschtz Haubitze Granate, long 37,8cm) and "Ig.F.H.Gr." (long 37,8cm)