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God bless EBAY


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I was browsing and came upon this nice MECH. TIME FUZE M43A3 N.C.R 1943 beauty.Ive gotten into the habit of sending a quick message asking sellers to contact me if thier items are pulled by EBAY,which seems to happen 50% of the time if the item isnt listed per EBAY guide lines. The auction was acually pulled while I was contacting the seller.And it seems nobody saw it,I got it for dirt cheap.Let me know what you guys think?And if anyone has a cutaway drawing,or a place I could find one,Id appreciate the info.


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I have some info and images from Notes on North American Stores and Equipment Sect 9 Ammunition 1944 that are quite detailed. I have extracted them and zipped them. They are pdf.




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Thank you very much sir.Ive been actively searching for that type of book and any of the other TM 9 series.Thanks for the info.