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Gruson PD Fuse for 37mm Long & Short Shell


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Fuse detail for the blunt nosed projectiles they introduced in the 1890s.


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Did all of the different lengths of Gruson projos take the same case?
I don't think so

There is a longer case about 37x145r which I believe the long projectile goes with. This one came in a 37x95 case. But I was told they had had others, sadly lost, dated in the 1890s so things were easily mixed. There are two barrel lengths of gun so there was a choice at the time. I guess the long projectile could easily be used with the shorter case, but the results would be dissapointing ! It seems the collections with the long projectiles don't have the long cases and those with long cases don't have the long projectiles. I don't know any one with these together - yet.