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H. 51


Ordnance approved
.303 mk VII ball in bandoliers


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more pictures

pictures of the h50 and h51


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The 3000 CART .22 RIMFIRE photos are excellent and may come in useful for visual references....they also look in very good order, condition....do you have other associated items you could show me? No bother if you haven't I have plenty of information kindly supplied by yourself and other members to be going on with...thankyou...invaluabe. Cheers.
I have an H50 dated 1945 with which I want to create a display putting two H51 boxes inside. The only H51 I have at this point is one dated 1953 and I am looking for a second one.
What I would like to know is whether there is a big difference in the appearance between the wartime and the post war H51.
My repainted 1944 dated H50 and two H51s. Left is stamped on the bottom 1964 and the right stamped 195?. It is stenciled 1956 so made 1956 and/or before. They are both Mark 1s and SV 141A stamped. They both fit in the H50 fine so I'm assuming these Mark 1 H51s are the same as wartime examples.

Certainly they will be. They would only be different to wartime examples if the Mk changes.
I saw this on eBay a few days ago. Notice the date! I had to send the seller a message and informed him this type of ammo box wasn't issued until late 1944. All I got was it was also the wrong colour and anyone who bought it could repaint it and it was an ammo box at least! It has sold, was at £17 last time I looked.

Two other H51s I have. Bought off eBay a few years ago. Cheap as they had no lids.


Left one had been painted and after removing paint could just see 22 RIMFIRE lettering. I can't tell the dates on the bottom. Made the lids with ply and the plate latches. Fit nicely in my '44 H50.
Well, look what turned up at yesterday's flea market. Original paint and stenciling, even has the spongy bits on the inside of the lid. Had to have at £7 and it won't get turned into a lamp!