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H.Z.14 Fb????


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Here is a H.Z. 14 Fb. The question I have is what is the Zl behind it mean and is it a part of the nomenclature. The information I have on the H.Z. 14 Fb doesn't state anything about a Zl model. Also does anyone have images of one with the top of the fuze on?




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Haubitze Zunder

Hi Joe, noe sure of the meaning of the ZL but the HZ is for Haubitze Zunder, that is an interesting HZ14 fuze. Looks like nose may be missing but still never seen one quite like it as most have the '15 date and yours would appear to be 17, a later variant I would guess. No help here, but just an observation..Dano
i have this drawing if it helps


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Yes that does help, I have that same manual ... it just doesn't have that fuze. Might be an older copy.

Thanks again.

i am not sure

But normaly the Manufacturer code is also stamped on the Fuze maybe in this case it could be the Vendor Code !! ZI but i have found no vendor whit this Code letters !

My second oppinion are ZI could be standing for ZINK the material which the fuze is made of maye because of this its an ZI model !!

With best regards David
40 knots no smoke

David, I believe you just may be right as it seems to make sense. How have you been my friend and how is collection coming along...Dano
'17 manufacture

I assume the FMA 17 would indicate a 1917 manufacture date. Would I be correct in this assumption. It is so different from the '15 dated HZ14 fuzes would lead me to think that it was made a little later in the war? Dano

No the FMA marking was done by the unit inerting the item. It is not part of the fuze markings.

Your fuze is a Haubitzznder 17 Fliehbolzen. The meaning of the stamps:

HZ14 Fb * ZI = Haubitzznder 17 Fliehbolzen (*= proof mark for exceptional quality) ZI for zinc made

F.M.A. = maker (unfortunately unknown company)
17 = date 1917
478 = LOT number

Btw. a "Fliehbolzen" is a safety rod, that leaves the fuze due centrifugal forces when the shell is fired.
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