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H1N1 flu Masks



Hi Chaps not to alarm you but anyone thinking of buying masks to help protect against this pandemic , do not buy the face masks as worn in hospitals
what is required is a P3 dust mask , beware of ebay rip off merchants i was caught recently! only buy from proper companies, these masks contain replaceable filters , if they get soiled spraying with Milton fluid will rejuvinate them.
when we have all been infected!! ha ha
no seriously.
Good question when do we start wearing them?
Have we all been infected already?
I just hope us all good health and hope if any us get it,it is brief and mild.

I'll hide my ww2 gas masks as I'd rather have flu than breathing in asbestos!!
I can just picture it now,bocn members checking their ww2 gas masks!! and surplus NBC suits!
I will only be wearing mine in a contaminated area, i avoid the underground where possible , i had to go to London two weeks ago and saw several passengers wearing masks on the train.
I think i will have a flu jab in the autumn, cant see myself with a mask on everywhere i go, remind me of the horrors of wearing NBC for a few days at a time, dont want any more of that thank you.