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Happy Christmas To Everyone


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Id just like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year
Also a big thank you to the members that have sent me xmas cards they are really appreciated,i will try get some sent out today ,should have done it earlier so apologise if you dont receive them untill next year .
anyway heres a christmas tree cobbled together at work
Have a good xmas and a safe new year
Allan (spotter)


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May Santa fill your sacks with loads of Ordnance
thank's a lot, spotter!

I would wish the same to all BOCN members and their families.
have nice christmas days and a happy new year 2009 - be all healthy, wealthy and wise!
special greetings and thank's to Steve, Chris A., Paul C., Jo, Harry, Lex, Stefano and Miguel.
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Happy Christmas Al and to all forum members. I will personally drink all your health on Christmas eve, each and every one of you. Have a good time and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Joyeux Nol et bonne Anne Al et pour tous les membres de BOCN
Happy Christmas and happy new year Al and to all forum members
Jean Paul

An happy Christmas and a happy new year to you Allan and all at BOCN.
Rądosnych świąt
Bożego Narodzenia
dużo zdrowia pomyślności
samych radosnych dni w Nowym Roku :tinysmile_shy_t:
Merry christmas to all.

To all members of Bocn,i would like to wish you all a very merry christmas
and a happy & healthy new year.

Roll on the new show seasons so we can all meet up and have a beer!

All the Best phil
Seasons greetings from me too, to all members old and new !
a couple of meets in the pipeline for the new year, should be good to catch up with some of the members from the southern sector !
Happy Christmas all !

Here's wishing everyone a very merry Christmas. :smile:

Get some :beer: down your throats (not too much mind !) and enjoy the time off work.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hi hope you all have a really good one!! Great forum, I only signed up this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all!

I will try and meet up with some more of you members when im on my travels next year.
Will also be grand to meet you lads again ive already met at Beltring or similar show next year.

cheers :cheers:

Merry Christmas To All

and please feel free to use the image if you wish ~


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Happy Christmas to all on BOCN, Best wishes for a great year to come.

Gspragge, That is a great picture i may well have to make use of it.

Best regards Weasel.