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happy easter to all BOCN-members !


the sun is shining, temperature is rising up to 25 celsius and flowers came into blossom - undoubtedly: it's springtime in Central Europe.:party:
Happy Easter from the north as well. Temperature today + 6 degrees, sunshine and snow is disappearing rapidly.:flowers:
Happy Easter from me - pity weather forecast for good old Suffolk is not so good for the holidays!!!
Merry Christmas from the altzeimers association


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Happy Easter from across the Pond-

The last snow is melting and I saw the Easter Bunny on the road today, or rather all over the road ~ no Eggs for You 1 Year~!:tinysmile_cry_t2:
Happy Easter to all our BOCN Bunnies Er sorry mean Members and their familys

Snow?? what is that? 31 degrees C Blue skies here in North Queensland Will spend Easter in the pool drinking beer and gorging on choclate rabbits that wern't fast enough to get away.
All the best to BOCN members and families
Regards Daryl