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Heavy Mortar round WW1 boddem Fuze ??


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Hello i bought this yesterday i should be a boddem plate of a german heavy mortar round WW1 with a boddem fuze i think is a 24 cm !!

I need some information about the fuze how i can remove it to clean and restor it how this tool to remove it looks like !!

And i need some information and Drawings about this kind of german fuze !!

Thanks in addvance !!

Regards David


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Hi Dave,
Looks like a Bd.Z 10. There were long and short versions of this fuze. Used on shells from 130mm up to 420mm
How to remove this fuze

Can anyone help me out i should know how to remove this kind of fuze i will not damaged this fuze !
is there any special tool therefore ??

Thanks Regards David
Hi David,
I imagine that it is probably corroded and you will have to cut it out with a grinder.

Hi Dave, My opinion, for what it's worth I would be to leave it be. That is one bad ass chunk of ordnance and would enhance any collection (especially mine). Just an opinion. All the best..Dano
Two halves split !

Hi Dave 83, if you decide to try to remove the fuze you may well want to remove by drilling a series of small holes in a line from one side to the other as closely as possible leaving a small gap between the fuze and the steel holding it.
Once you have a series of holes right across the Fuze holder you will then be able to hacksaw through the steel right up to the Fuze and with luck then break the steel holder into two halves-it will take a good drill and a steady eye and plenty of patience and above all, care.

Good luck, nice item too !
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