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help advice please


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Today my insurance company contacted me i have been accused of been in a car accident,apparently i have driven into the back of someones car,near where i live..Now i know this never happened because at the time This allegedly happened i was at work 75 miles away,also at the time i was driving an hire car as mine was in for repair after someone shunted mine..Apart from my word i can get copies of the works diaries which show i was at work that day and i also have receipts on my official claim forms to say i was in the area of work..The hire car was handed back and checked over like they do and definately no damage otherwise i would have lost my deposit..has anyone else had the same experience and how did it turn out for you...thanks for reading hope it makes sense
Only thing i can think of is that your car was on a test run from the garage and someone has had a misdemeanor and kept schtumm or the insurance are trying it on.
I once had some snotty cow ring me up saying they have been trying to find me for months about an accident.When they told me the registration,i then burst out laughing as i had sold the old crate for scrap 2 years previous!

spotter,dont worry mate.Just get written proof off your gaffer where you was that day.


it wasnt my car ,they gave the reg of the hire car,which went back without a mark..someones either trying it on or have misread a registration,,still stressing me out tho
No worries man,the car has been checked back in and signed for.Prolly some arschlott trying it on pal.

Hi Spot this might be another scam,the usaul one is to do an E stop and claim whiplash for all the passengers. Get every bit of relevant info you can asap,and dont lose it,like my partner did! And stand your ground all the way.You will be fine.Tony.