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Help needed on 2 unknown WW1 fuzes


I need some help if possible....the 2 fuzes below puzzle me.:eek:oh:

The one with the point on top is unmarked but im guessing russian. Only problem with that is that both were found in Belgium . Both items are inert. The other one only has the marking T80...:tinysmile_eyebrow_t


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I dont know about the Russian fuze or russian involvement in ww1,,but the other fuze looks like a british 80/44,,if you look closely at the photo you can just see 44 under the 80,,It has lost a ring sometime in its life more than likely on impact driving the upper 2 segments down,which would explain the poor looking fit of the rings..see the attatched image of a 80/44 showing which ring has gone...
hope this helps..allan


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Thank you!

Thank you!!! Couldnt figure out the weird ring combination, but your spot on! I've compared the meausurements and it all matches. it is the 80/44. Thanks! Now only the Russian(?) one left!!
If you have a look here on Harrys site http://www.harryszuenderecke.de.vu/
he has some russian fuzes that look very similar to yours,they all look too similar to me but you may be able to work out which type it is,
Just click on "Galerien" at the top of the page
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Hello ! The right fuze would have to be 130 seconds an igniting fuse Russian. Greeting Harry


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