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Help needed on fuzes

I am posting these for a fellow collector. They were a gift so no further info...anyone know what these are and put a date on it? Any help is much appreciated!


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I think this are rifle grenade fuzes used in the Dutch army.
The fuze is called nr 37 and used on the Dutch rifle grenade no 4.

American version of the rifle grenade is called HEAT M28

Hope this helps

Grenade No.94

Hi, what you have are the fuzes which fit into the nose of the British No. 94 (Energa) rifle grenade - HEAT version. The design you have is possibly for the Mk. 1/1 or Mk. 2 grenades? The fuze is a L9A1 or L9A2 type but get confirmation from other members who collect grenades as l'm only a new comer to this field. Cheers, RonB.