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Help ref Beltring


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Myself and Bolo were planning on coming down to beltring and camping overnight ,but ive just looked at the prices on the war and peace show website and they are crazy,anyone know of any cheaper alternatives nearby .
cheers spotter
Im not sure but try the Bull at Brenchley its a comfy pub with hot and cold running bar maids lol
Telephone number 01892 722701
Yeah good luck lads,i know its costing me a fortune too just to stall.
good quip on the barmaids Steve! :0


Can anyone confirm what I'm reading is correct when I check the prices as I've looked and looked but can't help thinking I'm misreading.

Per person the cost of camping is 80 if I wanted to stay friday night ? I know that will include the 15 entry charge but as there's two of us, how can they justify 130 for a patch of grass in a field for one night !??!

If thats correct, then they're having a laugh.
Don't know how they can justify it but thats how i read it as well Bolo.

Me thinks it's going to be a day trip for me for that amount of money.
No laughing matter

I was at beltring last year was charged 17 pounds entry fee each day was there 5 days I asked about a cheaper rate for attending 5 times and was told you had to arrange it a few weeks beforehand. So if your going this year it might be a good idea to contact them first and see what price the entry will be.
Regards 25thapril
15 for a three year old for a day pass !!!!!!!!!!?

Well chaps,im gonna chuck in my pennyworth here...

I personally think that the organisers are pricing people out on purpose?
Maybe they want to distance themselves from the subject of the show? (Oooh,selling ammo and the like)
It was well noted last year by me that the prices had skyrocketed in a year and there was less facilities such as places to wash etc.
Even the prices of the beer and food took the micheal a little bit.
It would be good if someone else stepped forward with a large site like the Hop Farm and say they can do it better and cheaper...
This is my own view and not of BOCN or its managerial team(just in case it gets read and someone goes nuts from Beltring!:xd:)


For the prices they are going to charge im going to look for a hole in the fence its much more fun or lets organise digging a tunnel
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My wife and I enjoy camping here in the states, and 15.00US is the most i've ever paid for a site, and that includes all the electric you can use and shower-house facilities. Dano
My wife and I enjoy camping here in the states, and 15.00US is the most i've ever paid for a site, and that includes all the electric you can use and shower-house facilities. Dano

You are a very lucky chap over their dano!
Im afraid this country is blighted with the 'take what you can attitude' at the moment, eg Charlies post on how much they want for a nippers day pass!!

yeeesh! :(


I remember back in the early 80's over here, it was running rampant and caught the auspicious name of "GRABBING"..Dano
Ok, my eventing (steam rallys etc) field is 24acres ish how about a BOCN event next summer?

Hi all.

This year I'm camping all week with a re_enactment group. It seems it is all for free if you are with the groups around the arena. They only take fees from the public, traders and so on.

It is expensive but on the other hand Beltring is once a year and a good weeks holiday!

Hope to see you all at Beltring!