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High Speed EOD Team ?

Mike P.

Well-Known Member
Am I missing something here ? They had to take 3 shots at it to pop it ?
(I like the " we sharpened our Tools " on it comment) --

WWII bomb finally exploded

PANTAI REMIS: A live World War II bomb, apparently used for years by unsuspecting villagers as a tool sharpener and even a dumbbell, has finally been destroyed.
Not only that, much to the relief of villager Kamarudin Johari, yesterday’s detonation only damaged three floorboards in his house.
The 0.3m-long bomb was lying among the wooden stilts beneath his house at Kampung Batu Tiga in Segari, here.
“I am relieved. Not only are my family and the villagers safe, even my house was left intact,” he told reporters after the detonation.
It took the bomb disposal unit three attempts to detonate the bomb after attaching explosives to it.”
“Manjung OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Jamil Osman said the first two attempts at 9.15am and 10am, had only dented the surface of the bomb.
“The final explosion at 11.15am managed to split the bomb in two, destroying it completely,” he said."