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I.D. wanted.Please


Premium Member
Dos any one have here phone number. :laugh:


Cheers Mad :laugh: :laugh:
Yum a well stacked shelf there ,but i'd sooner have the bomb as in a few years the sun will turn her skin bad and her boobs will be all saggy and i could sell that bomb for a fortune and get a newer better girly
You've got to live for the moment Daz!

I think I've found a new desk top for my computer.

Looks like the prins has found some new toys.


Cheers Mad :blink:

He has and i'am still waiting for the phonenumber :angry: :laugh: :laugh: :huh:
I always wondered what's wrong with this guy?
Just bored and sleeping or having a quick moment of his own?
Don't need his number, thanks.