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I have to mention......


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I have to mention..that Chris 42 RQ has one of the most bizarre avatars ive seen to date!:xd:

Go on then pal,whats the deal with it? lol


I'm sorta partial to BAZOOKA CHRIS' myself. But I'm old and lonely.

lol! Bazooka Chris was responsible for me almost crashing the van with laughter last week..
He text me what i considered the funniest joke i have heard in a long,long time...
I cant put it here as its to do with a certain very hot topic in the news currently.....but it does involve a Chimpanzee and a white glove........:xd:


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I agree with you that Bazooka Chris has got one of the best Avatars going as it is a real eye catcher !

Waf in answer to your question the car featured is used for terrorist exercises in our local area-only these Terrorists are our own local grown "scrotes" who steal a car or two every night then torch it when finished so as to destroy any evidence thay have been careless enough to leave behind them.

There isn't a night goes by without the "Scrotor Rotor" being out and about in the skies looking for the little beggars-I am still trying to get a picture of it with its "Day Sun" light shining down.

Hope that answers your question.


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I'm sorta partial to BAZOOKA CHRIS' myself. But I'm old and lonely.

ummm guys am i reading this correctly slick rick has got a thing for me ? :vroam:


i am sure he means my avatar but thats not what it says hehe

from straight
bazooka chris with girlfriend and one month old baby daughter hehe
I count 6 bazookas in that avatar, that's cause i'm an ordnance nut and also appreciate a fine rack or 2...He He..Dano
Hey Bazooka

Note the "possessive" apostrophe after the S in Chris.
Just so ya'll know. Wouldn't want any rumors to get started. My wife of 34 years would be very upset.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


:xd::xd: There ya go Chris! The power of the apostrophe!...I was wondering when SlickRick was gonna pop in and defend himself!:xd:

Thats that one settled then eh? lol


thats ok then rick i will let you off :laugh:
i was always under the impression it goes chris's ???? :hmmmm: good job i am not a school teacher fail fail fail :laugh:

from bazooka chris
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3 ladies 1 title

Aw hell Rick, I only been married 20 years, but to 3 different women (latest wife ((wife of 5 years) is truly my sole mate and she even likes to "play" in the trench!!
You show me a heterosexual ordnance collector that does not get turned on by that avatar and i'll show you a heterosexual ordnance collector on barbituates!!!Dano