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I live in a Dangerous Town !


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Erin's main street was closed down on Sunday afternoon after some teens (including Nathan) saw a man pointing what looked like a machine gun at them from an apartment window. he then came down to the street with the gun and started waving it around and they took off. They made it to Scotch Street where they knew a policeman lived and within a few minutes the town was swarming with cops. This was about 5:30 in the afternoon.
The police surrounded the building and at about 7:30 the guy gave himself up.
The gun turned out to be a paint ball gun that resembled a machine gun. They also found some marijauna (surprise surprise).
He was taken to Guelph and charged - 20 years old.
Graham said that there were three police cars in front of his house for three hours while the police took statements from Nathan and the other kids.

It got very quiet - We heard it was an Ex Wife hostage situation at the Valumart, but I guess that was just somebodies wishful thinking ~:xd: