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ID of 37mm proj from 1916


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Thank you for reading this. We just discovered a 5-6 inch long projectile while unearthing some soil while building a second structure on our house plot. Upon reading some of the very helpful posts, I will try to get a better description along with a picture but as far as I can tell there is no band around it. All the information is on the bottom of it and what I have found is thus:
Lot 2867-30
WMFG Company
F 1916
37mm Gun

Any help on how we might be able to go about finding more about this and how it may have ended up on a lot in Northern Denver would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Just waiting ~

The case sounds like the 37x92 for the 1916 gun, just a matter of what projectile -
A picture would help.

Is there a hole in the base of the projectile or is there a plug with a slot or holes in it? Is there a fuze at the top or do you see a discernible break at the top that would indicate a fuze?
I found a Rat skeleton when I renovated ~

I naturally glued it together and gave it to a friend-

There maybe markings on the bottom of the projectile, there are several kinds. If the band is gone there might be no markings now. But we await the image, try to remove the projectile from the case.